Four Simple Ways to to Improve Your Health

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Four Simple Ways to to Improve Your Health

It’s a new year and, for many people, a time for reflection and reinvention. After the first few weeks of focused attention to our resolutions, we can safely say that most fail to achieve success. Aim high, fall short. Discouraged we quickly slip back to our old habits. 

Change, according to brain scientist Joseph Le Doux, requires creating a new way of thinking and committing to a realistic strategy. Small steps celebrating each accomplishment seems to be the keys to success. Perhaps we loose steam because our goals are unrealistic…daunting. 

Today, is as good as any other day to reboot and recommit to our 2019 resolutions to improve our health and overall wellbeing. 

Health & Wellness: 4 ways to commit to a healthy lifestyle 

Drink More Water. The easiest and most reliable way to improve your health and lose weight. Hydration improves your skin’s appearance and for those of us approaching midlife, it helps keep wrinkles at bay.  

Eat Healthier. Making small adjustments over time will help you shed a few pounds while reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Limit sugar intake, eat your veggies and don’t eat past 7 pm. Simple changes that boost wellbeing without feeling deprived!

Move More. Consider your personal goals and start slowly. Low impact exercise helps improve cardiovascular fitness, lowers blood pressure and is said to boost mood and self esteem. 

Breathe. I know, your breathing, that’s great but I’m talking about deep breathing with intention. Sounds ridiculous but the truth is, deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress, improve digestion and posture. 

How to succeed 

Lasting change happens when we set realistic goals and to help ensure your success, share your commitment to self care with a friend. Sharing your goal increases your chance of success by 30%!

Making your decision public to actively engage in self care with family and friends  via social media will help ensure your success and might inspire someone you care for to do the same. 

Share your success and don’t forget to reward yourself!