Habits to gracefully ease into the aging process

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Habits to gracefully ease into the aging process


HABITS TO EASILY AND GRACEFULLY EASE INTO THE AGING PROCESS.  Tips that can help women through the effects of aging.


  1. Exercise every day for thirty minutes to combat the loss of muscle seen in aging women. The body’s muscles begin to atrophy and lose strength as a woman ages. It is important to keep strong muscle groups engaged and active in order to successfully


  1. Maintain an organized medication schedule. Using a daily pill organizer has become very effective in proper medication management. This method is much safer than relying on memory to verify all medications were taken correctly.


  1. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Sleep patterns naturally change as we age. A lack of sleep can cause depression, poor memory, anxiety, illness, etc. Adequate sleep is crucial to our health.


  1. Exercise your brain. As a person ages, so does the brain which can eventually lead to dementia, memory loss, and loss of reasoning. Utilizing memory games, word search games, and crossword puzzles can all help in decreasing brain decline.