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Brain health shouldn't be a mystery because everyone deserves a healthy brain.
For 20 years the BIPRI team has studied brain health and wellness developing supplements and therapies aimed at helping you enjoy optimal brain performance for life.

Bipri's 4 Pillars to Wellness include: 

Wellness by vibration massage headband and controlled breath-work.

Wellness by brain supporting supplements and proper hydration. 

Wellness by Physical Fitness 

Wellness by cognitive brain games 



Our natural holistic wellness programs for brain injury have been designed for those who have suffered a recent head injury and those who have a history of head injuries. Our research on brain injury and recovery has led to the development of innovative wellness programs with significant lifestyle benefits. 

Each BIPRI program is carefully designed to integrate 4 key pillars of brain wellness working together to support your brain in a completely new way. Much more than just supplements off the shelf.

Our approach to brain health is unique. Our programs use physical stimulation, blood flow and increased oxygen support, proper hydration, specific brain targeted nutrition and brain games for normal brain health support.*

The long-term benefits of a healthy brain.

BIPRI's holistic wellness programs combine cutting edge technology with natural holistic wellness techniques.

When it comes to your brain, safety is paramount. We have a commitment to making sure that every part of our innovative brain support programs are developed with your safety and health in mind.

When you or a loved one experiences the effects of poor brain health, it is important to connect with others who have similar experiences.

Connect with others, ask questions and share hope together.

When your brain isn't as healthy as it can be, many areas of your life can be affected. If you're experiencing any of these challenging issues, your brain may not be performing at its very best.
Our programs combine the latest in nutrition science with proven methods for supporting better brain health, packaged together in a system designed for maximum impact.
Every one of our brain support programs includes access to our powerful online platform, giving you the tools and community support to encourage your progress towards better brain health.
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